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5 May 2007 Motorway Madness

This morning I decided to loose the car and scoot my way through the 42km of laneways, roundabouts, traffic lights, overpasses, underpasses, highways and motorways that connect my little unit in Parramatta to my school in Glenmore Park. Having only formally ridden for three and a half weeks, the prospect of an 84km round trip as the book-ends of a full day’s teaching is still a very daunting one.

What I hadn’t counted on this morning was the near gale force winds to which the humble scooterist is often prone. I had read so many entries from my favourite scooter blogs about this subject and it seems that the consensus is clear: when the wind blows, stick to sailing!

What a scary sensation it is to have a combined weight of only 182kg (scooter @ 122kg + me @ 60kg) hurtling along the motorway at a cool 90km/hr, to be buffeted by winds in all directions. Sometimes I felt knocked sideways; other times it felt as if I was slicing through a big gust one second, only to be nearly bowled over the next! In truth, I’m probably exaggerating the severity of these winds, but it did make me think twice about suavely remarking at a dinner party, “oh yes – of course I ride in all types of whether!“ In fact, the more I think about it, the more I’m realising how the ego is perhaps the deadliest factor in the rider + deadly outcome equation.

I wonder whether or not motorway riding is really the way to see the world on a scooter? Sure, motorways cut a lot of time off our journeys, and I’m pleased that when riding my simple little 150cc TGB that I can surprise other motorists with my formidable, comfortable top speed of around 110km/hr. But I’m constantly inspired by the scooter bloggers out there in the blogosphere that celebrate taking the time to make each ride special – and that usually means stopping to smell the roses.


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