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26 December 2008 – Beasts of the Bush


Ah, blashpemy, sweet blasphemy! Today I can’t escape the feeling that I’ve betrayed my scooterist roots by bashing my way through some backroads of endless bushland of the north-east coast of Australia. No doubt the beast of choice for such an endevour is not the horse or oxen of yesteryear, but the gutteral roar of my friend’s 600cc quad-bike.


The bush here is a spectacular array of earthy browns, greens and yellows, all of which whirl by in a flurry as you belt your way down the several hundred kilometres of winding muddy, potholed roads. At times, I found myself wondering what kind of a trip it would turn out to be on my beloved 150cc TGB scooter? Needless to say, with ditches well over double the size of my scoot’s little wheels – not to mention the occasional gaping hole of bombshell crater proportions – I wasn’t going to find out any time soon.


Having walked many of these trails on previous trips to this beautiful part of the world, I can’t help but think that there’s something a little disconcerting about the noise pollution, waste of petrol and disruption of nature that firing up one of these bush-beasts leads to. I think it’s easy enough to justify buzzing around on a scooter in the city when you factor in the reduction of greenhouse gas emisions made possible from a tiny 100 or 150cc engine as compared to a car. Joy-riding through the bush may have its appeal for a while, but I think in the future I’ll leave outings like this to those who feel the call to the wild via ego-driven, fuel-chugging motors. Horses for courses, eh?


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