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19 July 2007 Mind your Ps!

Last week, the unthinkable happened: the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales, Australia issued me with a license to kill.

Well, not really, but kinda…

In most parts of Australia, after one has been on a learners license for three months or more, one soon knows the delights of the Provisional Driver Training Program. Such was my joy on Thursday, when I took the TGB to the local range (no shooting here, mind you!) to submit myself to a grueling eight and a half hours.

And what a session! There was cone-weaving (certainly not to be advised after you’ve had a few…), u-turning, breaking at breakneck speeds, swerving to miss tennis balls, and of course, riding around in traffic wearing a florescent yellow vest (the generous size of which would have enabled most wearers to adopt this garment as an evening dress or toga).

Bad jokes aside though, these days are about as important as life can get, especially when you consider that you’re learning how to stop yourself from being squashed on the tarmac like an overripe tomato by a truckie who just plain didn’t see you. Being a teacher, I really have a penchant for understanding theories and applying them in practice.

One such theory – the famous “3 second rule” – really makes a lot of sense. I mean, how can any of us know for sure that the person we might otherwise be tailing from a distance of one car-lenghth (if that) isn’t going to have a heart attack, epileptic fit, or perhaps just stop the car suddenly for some reason unknown to us? And yet – look at the road – how far away is the average car from the one in front, pelting down the motorway at 110km? OK – so I’ll be the dork who sticks to the left lane and has an olympic swimming pool between me and the guy in front of me.

Funny how all the young twenty-something men with whom I did the course just jumped on their souped-up bikes that afternoon and roared off to the RTA to collect their new licenses – tailing, speeding, revving at the lights and generally showing complete disregard for just about everything we learned that day! Or am I just overly sensitive?

Perhaps it’s the commonsense of you guys out there in the blogosphere that keeps those of us who really want to live safe?


July 19, 2007 - Posted by | Learner riders

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  1. After taking my CBT I saw one of the new recruits ride off so fast he nearly came off at the first corner. This guy had only just passed and I somehow I doubt if he is still riding.

    Don’t worry all of the guys over at will be staying safe on the road.

    Great blog btw will be coming back regularly from now on.

    Comment by Danny Ashton | August 7, 2007

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