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A foray into the world of the 2-wheeled amateur

20 April 2007 School is in session again…

These holidays have been a real learning experience indeed, and that’s saying something for a teacher. After all, we teachers reach the end of the term and find ourselves so devoid of life that the first half of the holidays end up a write-off. We stare mind-numbingly at daytime television… we try to read that favourite novel but don’t have the mental stamina to make it past page 3… we go out to friends’ parties and simply don’t manage to stay awake past 10:30pm. Of course, once we manage to restore even a small degree of brain activity, we then spend the remainder of our time dreading the return to the following term: the marking, reports, difficult kids, even-more-difficult parents, the long days, the sleepless nights… do I have to go on?

But occasionally we short-circuit the process by doing something different that vivifies our atrophied brain and returns that special joie de vivre that also miraculously helps us forget all about school for two weeks (a very good thing indeed). Such has been the joy of scooting for me these holidays.

What better to do when you wake up and have nothing planned for the day?

Of course, holidays come to an end, and sometimes, even before they do, we have to ‘pop in’ to school to tidy up that messy desk we never got around to tidying before we left. So it was I spent my last Friday of the holidays… riding to work in my new scooter!

I think I’m up there in terms of the distance I travel to work. My daily grind consists of an 84km round-trip that takes me from what is effectively the geographic centre of Sydney to the very outer-western boarder between Sydney and The Blue Mountains. My route includes quiet suburban streets, main roads, high-speed motorways, country lanes and fabricated security housing estates with winding roads that are supposed to slow down the local ‘hoons,’ but end up frustrating daily commuters and causing them to wear through a set of tyres at least once a year.

I often feel exhausted driving this journey in a car each day – in part because of the distance, and in part, because teaching is so damned exhausting! So in taking the scoot, I also decided to take it very slow and enjoy the scenery. I couldn’t wait to drive through Orchard Hills, a farming area on the outskirts of Sydney which saw the TGB finally make it to some proper country. Here were my attempts at a ‘Steve Williams’ photo, however, I don’t think my TGB looks nearly as nice as his vesper, do you?

When I arrived at school, I spent a long time hanging out with my buddies in Drama and Music. I gave them all quick scooter lessons in the car park.

Some of the kids – who were at school for a musical rehearsal – overheard the commotion. I must say that when we saw the stunned looks and furrowed brows on their faces, we felt very much as if we were the naughty kids in the equation. Oh well, nothing like buzzing around on your fancy new scooter in a school carpark to feel young at heart is there? After all, it makes the thought of returning next week that little bit more bearable.


April 22, 2007 - Posted by | General Riding


  1. The “Steve” pictures aren’t too bad. Having the chance to get out of the inner city to get the photo’s probably wasn’t too bad either.

    Have fun,

    Comment by Bill Sommers | April 23, 2007

  2. Thanks Bill! I’m very jelous of country-dwelling folk and their wonderful scenery.


    Comment by Michael | April 24, 2007

  3. Them green pastures are mighty dandy. Dang, could do with some fresh air myself. Been truckin’ – East, West – chasing the sun, trying to catch some shut eye. Heck, that’s where my scooter comes in handy. Plan your escape, gentleman. Head down, bum up, eyes to the road.

    Comment by LeRoy | April 24, 2007

  4. Right you are LeRoy,

    I think if I was a truckie I’d need something small like a scooter to compensate for driving such a big thing all the time!


    Comment by Michael | April 24, 2007

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