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9 April 2007 Famous last words on the eve of metamorphossis


It’s the eve of my rider’s knowledge test and, like a petulant child, I can neither abate my excitement nor speak civilly to those around me. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my life as a rider and, having waited so long for this day to come, I’ve blown up all expectations. I’ve been furiously reading every blog from the many scooter enthusiasts all around the world. I’ve been pouring through reviews in the Australian Scooter magazine affirming my choice of the TGB and rubbing my hands with mirthful glee in the possibilities that 150cc has to offer. Finally, I’ve been dreaming most nights about all of the amazing getaways I’ll have when I’m finally a proficient rider. It seems to me that the beaches, mountains, lakes and countryside won’t be the same when I’m out in the open air zooming by on two wheels. But then, I’ll have to wait till tomorrow before I can begin to describe those kinds of experiences.


It’s been really hard these past few days – especially since finishing the rider training program – not to just jump on the TGB and ride off into the great beyond. The possibility of that police car around the corner, the check for the non-existent license and subsequent barring of any riding (and possibly driving) privileges for a period of time has, however, been enough of a deterrent. Nonetheless, I’ve still buzzed around our unit car park at least once a day, much to the chagrin of my lovely neighbors (it won’t be a problem after tomorrow, folks!).


Today, my long-time friend Brendan came over and jumped on. He has neither car nor bike license, but seemed to manage well enough!






I keep trying to persuade him to join me in my new endevours, but he and his girlfriend Yasmin seem to prefer, like most, the idea of a car.

Anyway, I’ve studied probably much more than I ever did for my driver Ls (over 12 years ago, at the impressionable age of 16) but at least it will save me the time and money involved in having to attempt the test more than once. In other words, after more than 5 hours doing the practice tests and reading the motorcycle manuals I feel that I am guaranteed success, but of course, one never knows!


Thanks so much to scooterists and non-scooterists alike who have read and supported this beginner blog with your comments and moral support. If you haven’t familiarised yourself with what else is out there, please check out my blogroll for some other great scooter-related reads.


April 9, 2007 - Posted by | Learner riders

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